A Great Choice

Edap is an independent app that steers the tasks at an educational institute to value and comfort.

Being a multi-functional app, Edap not only facilitates the stakeholders but also ensures comfort for parents and students to get to know about what's actually going around. In a nut shell, Edap is real administrator!

Pleasant Interface

Just one click & you are done!
Edap possesses the interface that is highly user friendly and capable of adjoining part and parcel of educational triangle i.e. teachers, parents and children.

Stress-free Management

Let's assign pretty fine !
Edap delivers homework assignments and gets real-time feedback regarding student's response.

Effective communication

Talk to bridge cover the ridge !
Edap helps the management to send timely notification about new things happening at the institution apart from intimating attendance , online house examination results and students academic progress at the institution .

Pleasant fee Management

Get the fee trouble free !
Edap facilitates parents and institution management in collecting fees and maintaining remaining dues registers.

A Real Companion

Click & send make a blend !
Edap facilitate the teachers with lesson planning and sharing stunning ideas with the higher management saving time and effort.

Cloud Based Application

Powered by AWS Cloud, Edap efficiently resolves today's issues and caters with those may exist in future.

Framework Security

AWS cloud services enable Edap to ensure reliable security and dependable measures against any interruption of services and cyber crimes.

Reliance & Accessibility

Edap being the blessing of latest technology, builds in reliable framework that is updated automatically to facilitate the users working with flowless and continuous operations.

Businesss Automation

Edap ensure optimal data inputs and automation processes that furnish simplicity to streamline business through digitalized transformation to certain cost in all professional aspects.


Edap is a portable app that works wonder whenever and wherever the user intends to. Facilitating the administrators, parents and students with an air of ease and ultimate comfort.


Third party integration makes Edap the most trusted and efficient app to cater all issues such as attendance, online payments, RFID technology to ensure flowless and unstoppable conferencing and meetings.



Edap integration with 3rd party Software's, Applications and Devices to ease Managements Laborious work and provide seamless operations.

SMS Integration

Payment Gateway

Video Conferencing

Attendance Device

RFID Solutions

Email Integration

Front Desk
Front Desk

Front Desk helps in carrying out all routine business prcesses efficiently that administrators, teacher, parents and students can use at the same time with least effort.

Academic Management
Academic Management

Academic Management Module helps academic entities by automating core areas of academics covering syllabus and subjects in one-Go.

Student Management
Student Management

Student Management Module covers all activities of the students and settle their profiles accordingly.

Human Resource
Human Resource

Comprehensive and detailed HR management solution provides in-depth analysis of the Employees profile, payrolls, attendance and professional excellence.

General Ledger
General Ledger

General Ledger Module is heart of Finance Package provided by Edap ER.

Account Payable
Account Payable

Entity Setup Module incorporate Educational Entities, Physical Structure into Digital World

Account Receivable
Account Receivable

Fee Collection is one of the frenzied activity of any Educational Entity.

Bank & Cash
Bank & Cash

Administering and setting-up Bank & Cash Accounts are part of Standard Accounting Package

Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets

Fixed assets module tracks and maintains the institution's physical assets and equiments

Purshase Management
Purshase Management

Purchasing Management ensure all of the goods, supplies and inventory needed to operate the business are ordered and kept in stock.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Inventry management module manages all inventories at an institution and furnishes the record on demand in an eye's wink.

Sales & Distribution
Sales & Distribution

This module caters with sales and distribution accounts and furnishes the most reliable record of the narrated in an amicable manner.


This module facilitates with standard library solutions including library management and administration to keep a reliable record of the library.


Transport module ensure absolute transportation solutions to the entity's transportation requirements.

Project Management
Project Management

Project Management module maintains everything about various projects being taken on at the institution.



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Edap is absolutely an app to be downloaded in an eye's wink from Google play store and Apple.


For All Kinds of Schools

Enabling multiple schools efficiently plan, manage and track workflows within one single environment.





Our Experts

The people who trust Edap are always in a Queue to appreciate and encourage the efficient outcome of the product that steers Edap toward more conciseness and promising features. We are grateful to the Gracious who submit their thoughts here.

Information Technology is the king of all the technology

It has changed the world into global village, it has reduced the time and cost. At the same time it has made the impossible to possible. It has conquered the time and space. It has entered into our daily life.
DigiCop Solutions has contributed a lot in this field through Edap.

Dr. Gulam Khawaja


Akbar Public School
EDAP is providing a complete solution for educational systems.

I went through their website and found it excellent in all aspects, EDAP is providing a complete solution for those who are managing schools, colleges and Universities. Enterprise Resource Portal is a need of time and we are using erp in IBA Karachi since 2010, but Pakistan is still lacking in this field. If any institution wants to grow, they should avail their services and am sure it will pay back. My best wishes are with EDAP.

Yaseen Ahmed Meenai


Great app for next level education.

Edap is an excellent app not only for educational institutes but also for other business. It is a futuristic approach to deal with online education along with Artificial intelligence.
It is friendly user for both parents and schools. Your ward information is on your finger tips. That includes attendance, homework, PTM notices, result and most important hassle free online payment which saves time and energy.

Anis ur Rehman Khan


Allied School Nazimabad Campus
IT in education improves engagement & knowledge retention.

ICT centralizes any company’s or institution database information, automates routine tasks and simplifies business process. Those schools / institutions who adapt the Edap (the most advanced ERP system) are in a position to optimize operations and free up employees’ time. So, they can work on more instinctual tasks.

Prof. Muhammad Zahid

Rukn-Majlis Dar-Madinah International

Islamic Schooling System
Edap is the powerful management solution for educational systems.

Edap is the name of Management for educational system such as School, College, Universities and same as for institutes, easy to use to be managed academic and administration both with qualified backup team, it’s a potential to be good changed for future of educational system in Pakistan.

Sikander Dawood

Social Worker / Administrator

Greenhouse School System


Delivering unbeatable world-class partner experience, by providing the best ERP solutions for our customers to achieve their goals. We truly value our partners as an extension of our organization, providing best-in-class tools, support, knowledge and enablement to deliver even greater value to our mutual customers.


Our payment partners allow schools, colleges, and universities to connect services so that parents and administrators have a seamless payment experience, ensure compliance security, and improve transaction reconciliation easily. In addition to ensuring secure payments, our payment partners reduce the scope of your PCI compliance activities and provide access to additional business resources.

Mark Of Excellence

Edap has been the first choice of our esteemed clients who have added to reliability and perfection of this latest technology and the list depicts how much we have been keen in serving our cause towards flourishing scientific and technical world where competition makes it way..

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